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With an intentionally small rental pool, flexibility is our middle name! We deliver detailed, individualized care for you and your property and an active management of rentals. We promise to take the hassle out of renting your property from start to finish.  


Our standard plan provides the following:


Advertising on VRBO / Airbnb:


We will create an individual page for your property, with professional photos, accurate maps and well composed details.  We will work with you to ensure that your rental property is fully functioning and well represented, ready to meet the rigorous standards that discerning clients of Park City expect. Finally, we will do extensive market comparisons to assess optimal rental platforms for each season. Throughout the year, we will assess and adjust rates to maximize occupancy and respond to market needs.


In addition to VRBO, your property will be showcased on our website where repeat guests and others can book directly. (click on any image above) Each spring and fall we will reach out to our database of past clients with a local PC blog and an invitation to book again.



We will handle all inquiry's and bookings from VRBO / Airbnb in a timely manner.  Quick response times have been shown to increase bookings and that is our goal.  Monthly statements will be prepared in the first 2 weeks of every month, and sent to you via email. Net rental income will be sent electronically with the statement.



Guests like to walk into an immaculate property at the start of their vacation.  We take pride in ensuring that our guests' expectations are often exceeded on this front and your home will be maintained spotlessly after every guest. This is a simple and effective way to ensure satisfaction and importantly, to maintain the quality and integrity of your vacation home. 

Each guest will be charged a separate cleaning fee that will directly cover the cost of this service.  In additon, we will ensure a supply of renewable items for the guests' comfort, such as dishwasher tabs, dish soap, kitchen roll, trash bags toilet soap, bathroom and facial tissues. 

In the spring, we will conduct a thorough 'deep cleaning' of each unit, to include carpets / upholstery, drapes & blinds, drains, appliances, bedding etc.  This will be billed separately.


Payment of Utah Sales and Use and Transient Rooms Tax:

We will collect applicable taxes from all rental tennants and manage payments to the State


Maintenance:  Billed at $40 per hour plus expenses.

We are in Park City 24/7 to attend to any emergency maintenance needs as they arise.  Prior to the rental season, we will schedule routine anual maintenance for major appliances.  We will also complete an inventory review and ensure that wear and tear of furniture, linens and kitchenware etc is kept in check before it impacts the guests or your own personal enjoyment.  We will source and replace worn items locally with your approval.


A la Carte Services:  All services are billed at $40 per hour plus expenses incurred.

We are able to help with various other aspects of managing your rental property as you desire.  Suggestions of our additional services include, but are not limited to:


Spa Management:  We can attend to your spa on a regular basis, testing the water and draining quarterly or as required.  

Business License Application: Managing the application is part of our service. Any work required to bring the property to code will be assessed separately.

Re-modeling / Decorating / Design:  

As and when required, we can relieve the headache of keeping up with wear and tear or updating your home. We will provide local quotes and ensure work is done in a timely fashion so as not to impact on rental revenue.



Our standard Rental Property Management fee is 25% of net rental collections.  In addition to rental rates, guests shall pay the applicable  local Utah tax and a unit cleaning fee, set by housekeeping, for each rental period.  The housekeeping fee will be due whether the unit is occupied by a rental tenant, owner or owner's guest.  

There will be a charge of $40 per hour for incidental time, including but not limited to the scheduling of repairs, to make repairs and or escort contractors and for the shopping and replacement of household items or furnishings.


There is an initial set up fee of $350 per property to accommodate the building of VRBO & Airbnb websites, arranging and staging for professional photographs, creating inventory, listing amenities / location and creating descriptive text, handling business license inspection etc.  The owner will pay the advertising premium charged by VRBO and the photographer's fee. 

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