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Park City is a place for you to enjoy your vacation time, and the best welcome is a warm house and a fully stocked fridge! Have fun when you are here and don't be burdened with taking care of those niggling maintenance issues, let us handle everything.  When it is time to say goodbye, we will take care of the cleaning and re-stocking and make sure your home is ready and waiting for you when you next return.  


Sound good? Even Better, we offer-


Simple Fees: 


From $200 per month


We will visit your property and perform an interior and exterior walk-through, looking for water damage, pest activity and anything else untoward. All appliances will be checked to ensure they are in working order, windows and doors will be checked and we will ensure that utilities are set appropriately for the weather.  Car's garaged at the property will be visually inspected and started, and taken for a 'round the block' drive if requested.


A La Carte Services: $45 per hour unless stated otherwise.


Housekeeping - Fixed price per property per visit

Snow Removal - Fixed Price per property

Weekly Hot tub Maintenance: $120 per month (includes cost of chemicals)

Repairs - Meet / Escort tradesmen, obtain quotes etc. 

Other - Meeting deliveries, receiving/delivering mail, grocery shopping, 'maintenance shopping' - linens, bedding, kitchenware etc), equipment rental delivery...try us, I am sure we can do it!


Monthly Billing:

You will receive, via email, a detailed inspection report along with a statement of expenses in the second week of each month.  All payments are due by the end of the month.








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